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Does not include the day of mailing. So a disc mailed Monday and received Wednesday took 2 business days. A disc mailed Friday and received Monday took 1 business day. If your shipments tend to be evenly split between say 4 and 5 business days, choose 4.5. If you receive you disc Wednesday, and mail it back Thursday, that would be 1 night. A weekend is a single night, so if you receive it Friday and return it Monday that is 1 night.
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This calculator assumes 21 business days per month, and that the company ships a new movie back out the same day it receives one from you.

If you take advantage of ZIP's ZipRefill feature or Canflix's Flix Return, your potential average will be higher, as they will in some cases ship discs before your return arrives. The exact increase will depend on your actual transit cycles in a given month. Cinemail's similar Quick Return feature is available 4 days after a disc is shipped, so you can best estimate your average when it is enabled by setting the "Average Shipping Days" value to 2.