Another option is to rent DVDs from a kiosk machine, as popularized in the US by Redbox. There are a number of companies starting to offer DVD kiosks in Canada.

Company Locations Price
(before taxes)
Return Time Online Notes
Zip.ca 98 (Ontario and Nova Scotia) $2 (New and Blu-ray), $1 (old titles) 24 hours No  
BestBuy 175+ (Western Canada and GTA) $2 (all titles)

7pm next day

view and reserve kiosk contents.
Redbox 225+ (Western Canada and Ontario) $1.50 (DVD) $2 (Blu-ray) 9pm next day NO (USA kiosks only) Also rents video games. Pilot project started May 2012 in Toronto and Vancouver areas.
MovieMagic 100+ in Ontario $2 ($1 for additional nights) 24 hours NO No Blu-ray

With Redbox and BestBuy, at least, titles from certain studios may be delayed for a month from release date before they appear in their kiosks.